HIMS – Haraka Inventory Management System

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HIMS – Haraka Inventory Management System

Beyond Logistics

The inventory management program helps track the goods that are moving in and out of the company. It covers practically everything, directly from production, warehousing, shipping, and retail, and allows tracking all stock movement.
Haraka Solutions’ fully designed inventory management software provides updated information about what is in stock, where it is located, how much can be sold, and when the shares will last. This information helps exclude the risks of excessive warehousing and inventory, which can greatly hinder a company’s profitability and sales cycle.

Strategic Planning

It allows you to implement strategies in order to facilitate future work. It also allows you to monitor all stocks as well as rearrange and manage.

Integrated storage

It is a difficult task to manage products in different locations. Even sending accurate products to the right customers is also a daunting task

Dynamic arrows

IMS allows you to register the product in the database. This is really helpful in saving time and effort. Because if you do it manually, it will take time, and the process is frantic.

Order of regularity

Less stacking and storage, both are cheap options for any organization. In the inventory management system with the help of custom software development services shares, stocks can be tracked or rearranged according to requirements.

Increase sales and production

There is a way in which a company can stop losing customers and reduce the risk of common mistakes like counting. The method is to keep the entire inventory data. The inventory management system also helps you match delivery standards.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction depends on some parameters of timely dispatch and condition of products and services. With the help of Haraka Solutions, it is possible to deliver the item on time and provide service to them when needed.