HMS – Hospital Management System

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HMS – Hospital Management System

Treats patient-centric workflow

The hospital management program at Haraka Solution is a set of services that helps create a unified system of work for all medical departments from curative to dental / hospital. It caters to the needs of the healthcare facility in general and combines the institutional work of all medical professionals. We provide hospital management system solutions for hospitals looking for hospital management along with records management.

Appointment management

With an SMS reminder to inform patients about delays and deadlines. Individual doctors have separate logins to manage their appointments and can notify hospital admissions of any schedule delays.


Track patients and billing, with facilities for accepting advances and partial payments/ complete payments using various payment methods including cashless insurance.

Revenue management

Officials are allowed to track accounts receivable/non-receivable to and from consultants, vendors, patients, etc. The program also allows officials to determine and leak revenue in the hospital.

Reports and dashboards

Focus on key departments such as finance and operations to facilitate improved efficiency through metric measurement.

Inventory Management

Likewise, complete inventory details are added to this automation process by every department such as the pharmacy that adds drug details and laboratory technicians add details related to the tools.

Multiple users

Using an automated system, the supervisor can now properly allocate human resources according to their availability and open them in different shifts.