HPS – Haraka Payroll System

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HPS – Haraka Payroll System

Streamline your payroll process.

The Haraka Payroll System allows organizations to focus on core business competencies where the accounting function is implemented for all employees through the system in a smooth and flawless manner.

The automated system safely and securely stores all important data related to employees, such as attendance, vacations, investments, taxes, savings, benefits, contributions, discounts, discounts, etc. in one place, allowing business managers to quickly access the required information and pull it data in a flawless manner from some comfortable touchpoints.

Payroll management

Calculate salaries and deductions in a hassle-free manner. Track attendance, papers and old wages. One window Access to all required information related to employee salaries.

Staff management and schedule

Download employee timetables for salary calculation. View all employee attendance details on one platform. Comprehensive staff management interface.

Full control over the information

Ensuring access to employee accounting information. 24 x 7 Access to salary information for both employees and employers. The information is easily accessible from comfortable touchpoints.

Data security

The data stored on the cloud platform for universal access from anywhere. Strict security measures in place to keep it safe and secure. Integrated data so that it can be restored in need.

Email notifications

It reminds you when this is the right time to run the payroll system according to your schedule. Inform employees of their payroll payments and discounts. It reminds you of late payments, due dates of taxes, liabilities, etc.

Reports, checks, and forms

This feature allows managers to create payroll visualization reports, benefits reports and much more. On the other hand, employees can download and submit requests forms.