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HSM – Haraka School Management System

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If you plan to analyze the field of educational institutions and add value to the routine activities of your business to thrive, then the school management system is at your side.
Haraka Solutions develops a comprehensive school management software system that is very useful for educational institutions. With this, you can analyze the entire business of your entire organization online and control its daily activities.


Our systems are customizable and scalable. You can choose the features according to priority and set them for easy access to the dashboard.

Increase Daily Productivity

It helps school principals increase their productivity, reduce the time and effort needed to manage schools, and accurately organize school data.

User-Friendly Interface

The interface of this system is very simple, easy to use and easy to use for this system.

Collaborate Immediately

Share and track progress reports, notes and class activities – all in real-time. Students and staff are immediately informed of changes to the schedule.

Stay Tidy

It helps you collect student inquiries, manage complex schedules and attendance, share photos and videos, and rate assessments.

Grow Faster

Automate reminders, quickly reconcile receivables and reach a broader audience by taking classes online.