LMS – Lead Management System

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LMS – Lead Management System

Cut down your lead leak to zero

Lead management is an important business process that combines the tools and technologies needed to generate and manage sales opportunities and tracks effective new sales opportunities. At Harak Solution’ CRM, pioneering management is a powerful solution to automate and optimize inconsistent, disorganized, error-prone processes, and get and track potential clients throughout their entire life cycle.

Lead generation and management

We provide custom development for building and management solutions, including cloud platforms, white-label software, and mobile applications.

Lead capture solutions

We design image capture solutions for online and offline channels, including websites, trade fairs, call centers, print / direct mail posts, email marketing, and social media.

Lead management tools

Our experts use leads management tools, such as checking/status updates, follow-up automation, content management, key customer response management solutions, and more.

Integration of lead tracking

We integrate lead data capture with tracking and analysis apps to manage lead source tracking, activity/behavior tracking, logging, segmentation, and distribution.

Lead management database

Develop leads management databases to store leads data, including configuring leads management workflow, pipeline management and leads tracking features.

Lead Programming flexibility

Our experienced developers implement groundbreaking software that includes scoring and segmenting applications, such as custom attributes, qualifications, and classification algorithms.